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Origin of life
This project was born out of Joy and Noelle's skillshare class "Animated Self-Portrait: Bring Your Evil Twin to Life". The idea was to create a fun animated self-portrait.
 What got me extra excited for doing it was Nina Mikhailova's project!
The class is based in Photoshop, but due to some technical problems (aka laggy Photoshop when animating, haha) i decided to do it in Animate CC, so it was a bit of extra challenge as i learn how to use the software.

I looked some art up on Pinterest for reference. The two biggest inspiration for this project were Rafael Sam's art style and Sasha Mutch's animation.

Mixing it all up, here are some frames from an early stage of sketching. I really liked how they turned out, tho. 
And it went like this:
I was already satisfied with it, but there was more work to do on it. The clean up stage is so much easier in Animate that it was almost a delight! haha. The final character design changed a bit in some details like the hair and teeth - not sure how much it looks like me anymore! Here it is:
I was going to stick to the first animation, but i enjoyed so much the liquidness of the moving shape that i wanted to explore it a bit more. Before i even realized, it became something like the origin of life or so, with something that resembles the big bang, stars floating into the void and becoming some sort of cell that becomes alive: me! As people say, we are made of star stuff!
I also took the chance to explore a bit more some animation principles like anticipation, exaggeration, squash and stretch and smears (which is so oddly fun to do, and oddly satisfying to watch!)
I enjoyed so much the whole process, and also the result. I could challenge myself and go through the process of researching and applying some style to create a fun short animation that i really liked!
Special thanks to Joy and Noelle, who created the class and were totally lovely with me. As a self-portrait, it describes me well after all; there's a whole universe inside of me waiting to become alive through animation!
Thank you for watching!

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