Short Film - Anima Jam 2020 | Cel animation & cleanup
O Bom, o Mau e o Doente
"The Good, the bad and the Sick one"
This was an animation jam where a short film had to be done by 3 people (or less) in 10 days. It was my first experience doing a short film, so it was insanely tiring but I learned so so much with my teammates in this short period of time!
The jam's theme was "Wild West" and, since it was the beginning of the pandemic, we took the change to include a more serious subject into the film.
I worked on the animatic, cel animation of some shots and cleanup + color of other shots. Since I was doing the comp, I also ended up doing the sound design.
This film was awarded "Best alternative film" for that jam and also second place in "Best script"

Some shots I animated:
Intro shot, fully animated by me. Although now I would fix many things in it, I am very proud of how this scene turned out.
Rough animation x final piece

More of my work:

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