This is my entry on the 2023 Garotas do Motion collab, Metamorphosis. The task was to create a 5-second animation using their logo and color palette.
I brainstormed several fantasy scenes, but one stuck with me: a water nymph in a pond gently hugging the logo while everything around them was moving and transforming. Having the freedom to choose any animation technique and visuals was great, but having a limited color palette posed a bit of a challenge. It was fun to figure out how to make the hand-drawn animation as economical as possible, given my personal deadline for this project. Dealing with the app crashing constantly didn't make things any easier. However, in the end, I believe I successfully achieved a magical and lively look with boiling lines.
I'll add the link to the full collab as soon as it's out :)
Role: Art director and animator

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