Erase The Line
This wonderful project is part of the Chrysalis Initiative campaign, which is fighting unequal breast cancer care for black women. I was glad to collaborate with Videocubo to bring these women to life! 
My job was to reconstruct some styleframes frame by frame, as if they were being painted live, stroke by stroke. I also animated some other elements for the letterings, and the organization logo itself, all done in Photoshop. 
It was a delight to work on those, not only because of the work itself, which was a pleasure to do, but also because this is a very important cause to fight for. It was with immense honor that I embarked on this project, and I hope to do more similar ones in the future!
Role: Frame-by-frame painter/animator.
Women's paintings:
Lettering and logo animations:
​​​​​​​Full credits​​​​​​​
Client: The Chrysalis Initiative
Advertising Agency: Intouch Group
Executive Creative Director: Nicholas Capanear
Group Creative Director: Ivan Blotta, Erin Lewis
Agency Producer: British Randle, Audrey Wojtonik
Illustrator: Luciano Cian
Animation Direction, Post-production Coordination, Editing: Davi Moori
Animation Producer: Fabi Kalil
Motion and Output: Diogo Dias de Andrade
Case Study Video Composition: Bruno Piva
Rotoscope Animation: Gabriela Dias, Vanderlei Rocha
Cel animation: Marcela Siqueira, Paulo de Tarso
3D Particles: Sacha Carletti

Awards & Recognition
D&AD Future Impact 2022: Shortlist

The One Club for Creativity 2022 | One Show
Gold Pencil , Category: Pharma - Craft / Art Direction
Silver Pencil , Category: Health & Wellness - Craft / Art Direction

More of my work:

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