Hey! I’m Marcela Siqueira, a freelance 2D Animator
As a storyteller who loves getting creative as well as coming up with solutions for tasks around, I've found in 2D animation the perfect medium for my craft. Started out as a Designer, using form and function to solve projects' puzzles. Then, upgraded to Motion Designer and specialized in Cel animation, making things come alive by drawing many (many!) frames.
Currently working as a freelance 2D animator (Character and FX), and also Storyboard artist.
KitKat, Hoegaarden, Netflix, JBL, Itaú, Vivo, GoHenry, Rommanel, UCSD, Chrysalis, Museu do Amanhã
2020 “THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE SICK ONE - Best alternative film, 2nd best script

For work inquiries, feel free to reach me at
💌 agogumah@gmail.com

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In case you're wondering, a “goguma” (고구마) means a “sweet potato" 🍠
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