Circus 🎪🐭
This loop animation was created for a monthly challenge, which theme was "circus" - and I won the challege!
I didn't actually have the movie Coraline as reference when creating this, although it may ressemble it somehow. But isn't a circus of mice such a fun idea? haha :P
I had been studying dynamic animation with camera movement in cel animation, and decided it could be a great opportunity to practice the concepts. More about the process below.​​​​​​​
Role: Creative director and cel animator.
Character design
Since there were many characters, I chose to make simpler but cute designs that could differentiate them.

Animation process
As I advanced through the animation, I worked the timing a little better and put the characters on model. Then, I started inbetweening the characters and also took my time figuring the background out, since it had a huge role in giving the dynamic camera effect.
There was a rougher version before those above, before I chose to turn the characters into mice, but it unfortunately wasn't saved :(

Colour palette
I went for a retro monocromatic look. To be honest, I had a close deadline and couldn't afford to spend much time combining colours. Also, everything happens at a fast pace and too much colour could make it heavier and confusing. So I came up with this old tv look, with a with a touch of red just for fun. It turned out clean and easy on the eyes.
I even experimented with some effects on the post-production but decided to keep it simple in the end.
Thank you for watching! 🐭

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