Circus 🎪🐭
I created this loop animation for a monthly challenge with the theme "circus" and was fortunate enough to win the challenge! 
Although it may resemble the movie Coraline, I didn't actually use it as a reference. I thought a circus of mice would be a fun idea to explore, and I had a blast creating it! :P
Additionally, I took the opportunity to practice dynamic animation with camera movement in cel animation, which allowed me to hone my skills even further. Read on for more details about my process.
Role: Creative director and cel animator.
Character design
To differentiate between the numerous characters in the animation, I opted for simple yet cute designs.

Animation process
As I progressed through the animation, I refined the timing and made sure the characters were on model. Then, I began in-betweening the characters and devoted some time to creating the background, which played a crucial role in achieving the dynamic camera effect.

Colour palette
Due to a close deadline, I chose a retro monochromatic look for the animation, as I didn't have the luxury of time to spend on color combinations. Moreover, given the fast pace of the animation, too much color could have made it overwhelming and confusing. As a result, I created an old TV look with a touch of red, which added a bit of fun to the project. The end result was clean and easy on the eyes.
Although I experimented with some post-production effects, I ultimately decided to keep it simple.
Thank you for watching! 🐭

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